BTS Episode 12 - John Wilson

JT and Matt speak with John Wilson, orchestral pianist.

Pianist John Wilson joins BTS to discuss what it’s like to take an orchestral piano audition. John is the orchestral keyboardist for the San Diego and San Francisco Symphonies, and he tells us what it’s like to play a number of different keyboards (even accordion!) and the need to adjust when you show up to play with an orchestra that has a different piano than you’re used to -- or even a really bad piano! What’s John’s sound image? What is sound image? Is it just an illusion? Can the audience tell the difference? 

John talks about what he considers the difference between being a piano soloist and an orchestral pianist and how it’s not so different. Well, other than sight reading a score to accompany a soloist or an audition for another instrument. YIKES!!

2021 Behind the Screen